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Class Descriptions:

Fly Fishing / Level 1 (Beg.-Int.L1/ Rivers & Lakes)
This course presents a fun, simple, visual, and hands-on experience to becoming a worthy fly fisher. This course is comprehensive and progessive, beginning with the basics and progessing through intermediate techniques. Fly Fishing will provide the student with the knowledge and skills to enjoy the art and science of fly fishing both rivers and lakes.

Fly Fishing / Level 1 (Beginning River)
Class presents a simple, visual, hands on experience of laying the foundation to set a beginner on the right path to becoming a worthy fly fisher. Learn the basics: principles, essentials, and laws of a cast in a casting style; learn the straight line (overhead or pick-up lay down cast), and roll casts; knots; selecting flies; water & fish location, how to play a fish; correctly mending your fly line for a drag free presentation of your fly; and choosing the right equipment for YOU. Two instructional trips to local rivers to apply angling tactics is scheduled. Equipment is provided (or bring your own); no license required.

Fly Fishing / Level 1 (Distance, Accuracy, Presentation, for Rivers & Lakes)
Class builds on the foundation for the growing fly fisher. Continuous improvement progresses with: casting styles- more basics and distance, including accuracy and shooting line; more knots; flies, fishing strategies & retrieves; applicable for both rivers and lakes. Also, equipment, and float tube / pontoon boat techniques for lakes (still waters) and rivers will be presented. An instructional trip to a local lake to apply angling techniques is scheduled. Equipment is provided (or bring your own); license optional.

Fly Fishing / Level 1 - Level 2 (Intermediate River)
Class goes beyond the basics, to develop a casting style for YOU, with emphasis on trouble shooting and individual help for progressive fly fishing skills. Fly line / loop control, and rod tip pattern for a variety of practical fishing cast presentations — with reach, slack line, obstructions and curve, accurate distance casting for wind, will be covered. Also a focus on fishing techniques, with streamside entomology, for the dry, wet, and nymph flies will be covered with a river fishing / instructional trip planned. Equipment is provided (or bring your own); one-day license suggested.

Advanced class description. Course Description: (from catalog)

Progression Level 2

Fly Fishing / Level 2 (Interm. L2- Advanced) / Spey Casting
This course provides an extension for the progessing intermediate fly fisher to continue to develop and fine-tune their acquired beginning to intermediate (Level 1) casting and fishing skills, to intermediate (Level 2) and onto advanced line and presentation techniques. Completion of this course will give the fly fisher significant knowledge beyond the basic skill

Fly Fishing / Level 2 (Interm. L2)
Develope the many varied, intermediate casting and line handling techniques needed to further improve upon the skills of fly fishing; including: incorporate a single haul in a straight line/overhead cast and a roll cast, expand to the double haul for more line speed, distance, and accuracy. Apply these skills for presentation in nymph, wet and dry fly, and streamer flies.

Fly Fishing / Level 2 (Advanced) / Spey Casting
Progress to advanced casting and line handling techniques, with both the single handed, and a two handed fly rod, providing the ultimate in skill level, enabling the fly fisher to pursue fish in every situation. Learn Spey casting with both "traditional" and European-style rods. Application of progessive learned skills to both trout and steelhead fishing of all seasons, including summer and fall, and winter and spring. Thus resulting in the ability to problem solve and find solutions to casting errors and on the water fishing situations, for the advancements encountered to specialize in either river or lake, or both scenarios.

Fly fishing & Guide Schools of Oregon offers Spey Casting: introductory to advanced, using "Modern Spey Casting" methods including Skagit, Scandinavian, and Traditional. Your instructor is an FFF Certified Fly Casting Instructor who has enthusiastically studied how to teach people to enjoy the great outdoors, and provide you with the finest and most diversified techniques of progressively mastering the art and science of being accomplished and successful in the sport of fly fishing.

SPEY FISHING: Casting to Fly Presentation: Be introduced, or develop to the spey casts that will provide the tools and foundation for you to fly cast for trout or steelhead/salmon. Whether you are an introductory, or skilled fly caster we will cover and review the casts that build into the spey casts upon one another, in a progressive manner, so you will have a complete overview of what makes up spey casting. Those casts will be: the "C" spey, Double spey, Poke, Switch Cast, Single Spey, and Snake Roll. Through going through these casts in a progressive building manner, you will be able to determine, with our assistance, at what level you would like to proceed to develop your spey casting and fishing skills.

For the "introductory to beginning" spey caster, we will take the parts of those casts you were introduced to, to provide and build upon an understanding of the foundation principles that makes up spey casts; this will enable you to cast and fish on both sides of the river whatever the wind or river current direction. We will show and discuss the slight differences in the Traditional, Scandinavian, and Skagit methods of spey casting / fishing.

For the "intermediate to advanced" caster we will focus on improving your understanding, use, and combining of the various spey casts used in the Skagit, Scandinavian, and Traditional methods, to develop casting and fishing skill that will work to form your style of spey fly fishing.

It is recommended that you bring a SINGLE HANDED ROD, preferable no heavier than a 6 wt., with a fly line TWO SIZES OVER, the line weight size indicated on your single handed fly rod--- in addition to the type of rod you plan on casting with. Extra equipment will be available to try out the various methods of spey casting. NOTE: The spey casts covered in these sessions will work for single handed rods, switch rods, and double handed rods.

We offer both one and two day schools, which can be taken separately, or on consecutive days. The first day starts out with an overview of included handouts on the equipment and casts used in spey fishing. It is on the banks of the river, progressing from the grass to flat water,enabling you to be able to cast on both sides of the river, with either a upstream or downstream wind direction. Depending on the casters progress if time permits we will advance to moving water. {NOTE: You will learn faster on flat water, because you will not have to wait for the current to carry your line downstream before you can do another cast, for whatever side of the river you will be on!} The casters focus, progress, and skill level, will help determine how fast we move from an all floating line to the use of sink tips.

The second day we progress to moving water, either by walking and wading, or by floating the river in a drift boat or pontoon boat, so we can wade to various spots to develop and apply what we have learned to actual fishing conditions for both sides of the river. This will also include the use of sinking tips, and sinking lines for the method of spey casting you have chosen, or would like to further improve your skills to the varied forms of Skagit, Scandinavian, and Traditional methods of spey fishing. Spey equipment will be provided, or bring your own.


flyfishing classes and lessons in oregon

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